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Establishment - Stokes Brothers Farms at 7581 West Kile Road, Lodi, CA 95242, US. On this page you will find information about the company, its opening hours of the company, telephone and address and customer testimonials.

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7581 West Kile Road, Lodi, CA 95242
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+1 209-794-2380


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Reviews about Stokes Brothers Farms

  • Tim Holthouse
    Jan, 25 2019
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I've known the Stokes family since I was old enough to crawl. My family had our ranch. "Next door" which basically means our driveways touched out by the road.( West Walnut Grove road as it was called back then) They are the kind of people you always wished you had for neighbors. This family has earned their way to the top of the agriculture achievement hall of fame if there is one. In the mid 1980' s about the time Mike and I were graduating high school, there was a terrible force sweeping across the farms and ranches everywhere. Thornton was no exception. We had to sit and watch as all of the neighboring family ranchers got foreclosed upon - property seized- by our own government. One by one the ranches were liquidated and it was a horrible reality to be witness to. There is one family however that didn't give up quite so easy. Tom Stokes, Bill , Mike and Sharon's father had a plan....and an ace in the hole. The plan was he approached the same outfit who the day before had foreclosed on his ranch. He somehow made a proposal that allowed him to lease his own home, shop, equipment, pick up and dinner plate from the Government. Then he utilized that ace in the hole...that would be his wife Sandy. Between their business savvy, the whole families dedication and hard work and their refusal to go down easy, they somehow gracefully took back everything the govt had seized, did some very intelligent changes in crops to farm and turned it into the amazingly successful operation it is today. Tom, Sandy, Sharon, Bill and my old buddy Mike, you are truly an inspiration and your example is so highly respected, there's just no way to put it to words. This is a family who not only made it
    against ALL the odds, they thrived. That says a lot about the kind of people they are. I am honored to say I know each and every one in the family, and still consider them family although its been so many years since I have seen them all. There's two things folks can count on no matter what. The suns gonna rise tomorrow and the Stokes family's gonna be out there kicking ass and taking names. True character. I would highly recommend anything that has the Stokes brand upon it.
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Stokes Brothers Farms in Lodi

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